Focus and Model

Elevate Fund I is a new innovative $20 million investment fund that invests in seed, early, and growth-stage companies that impact economic upward mobility. We believe that opportunity exists by mobilizing existing resources in high economic growth regions with low upward economic mobility (discrepancy = untapped potential).

Photo by danilovi/iStock / Getty Images

Investment criteria (in PRIORITIZED order)

  1. Aligns with SP3 Capital mission

  2. Generates IRR 12-15% net of fees

  3. Motivated and capable management team

  4. Adherence to sound environmental principles

  5. Business has growth potential to achieve returns

  6. Investment required < 20% of total fund ($2MM)

  7. Measurable impact 



United States – prioritizing the regions with high economic growth potential and low upward economic mobility. Initial geographic focus in the southeast U.S. including Charlotte, Atlanta, and Raleigh as key targets.



We target revenue-producing industry-agnostic entrepreneurs that positively impact mobility, with a focus on health & wellness and environmental sustainability.